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Thank you all who participated!

THANK YOU ALL!We had some technical difficulties and had to cut down on the tryout. For some of you that meant to not even have the chance to participate. This is not what we wanted it to be, but we had to make the decision to proceed. Now the team has been formed and...


TECHNICAL ISSUES!! We have decided to postpone the tryout due to technical difficulties.The new date is now on Sunday 20th of September.All the games that we managed to go through will be nullified. Sorry for any inconvenience!

The registration to our tryout is closed.

We thank you all who took their time to register and spread the words about this tryout.

Registration for CoD tryout is now open!!

This is your chance to become a professional CoD-player with a great organisation backing up your new life. We offer you all the winners a professional contract under Sagari Esports and a new Playstation 5 to further enhance and perfect your skills.
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